What if we could listen to, communicate with and understand each other without effort? What if we felt we belong?

This is a community that is dedicated to exploring and understanding human interaction, especially for children and teenagers – but not only. At School of Ruxa we engage in connected group games that are aimed at discovering and better understanding our lives, with the help of knowledge from theatre, music, art and sciences.

Our goal is to open up, express ourselves and get to know each other. If you feel like this is for you, come along!


Empowering people towards a more harmonious life, by building up self confidence and by creating a safe space to express themselves; both as participants and as guides in our project.


We dream of creating a large community for those who value self development.


Transparency – openness
Truth – at the heart of every thought and action
Community & Communication – the power of discovering and expressing ourselves, together

We’ve had help! And we’re friends with those amazing people:

Alexandra Revenco