Here at School with Ruxa we offer bits of our knowledge. Try it out. We promise it`s worth it!

The basics of an open communication. Find friendship.

I draw as I feel. Dare to see your true colours!

Myths, origins and back to ourselves. This is history.

Discover inner and outer wonders. Be natural.

Philosophy for kids. An approach to thinking for the tiny ones!

A safe space for those who dare to question everything. Communities.

The origins of the Universe as written in the stars.

I write as I am. Discover your personal style!

The management of emotions, tailored for you. Dare to feel.

At the beginning there was sound. Discover yourself through music.

Have you ever dared to put yourself in someone else`s shoes?

 No matter your age, you are welcome to share your passions!

Let`s build something together.