About our team

RUXANDRA ȚURCANU (28) – founder, guide, explorer


To me, doing this project is the next natural step given the things that have motivated me in time. I have been part of theater groups from an early age and I have always been interested in the power of words; I went on to study Communication and Media and later created and carried out a personal development class for children in Romania. 


My dream is to create an international community that is passionate about inner-self exploration, and here I am!


My experience related to this project:

  •  Bachelor’s degree in International Communication and Media (Utrecht, Netherlands and Manipal, India)
  • Took part in the Inner Master School Class (Asociația de Terapii Transpersonale, Romania)
  • Tutor Communication and Personal Development – workshop for children (Opera Comica pentru Copii, Bucharest, Romania)
  • Game activities for children (Opera Comica pentru Copii, Bucharest, Romania)
  • Guide and Coordinator of volunteers (“Cantus Mundi” Summer School, Bucharest, Romania)
  • English teacher (Kids`n`us, Sant Pere de Ribes, Spain)


LAURA INAICHE (31) – founder, guide, organizer


I have joined this project because of the exciting challenges that come with it. I have been searching for a long time to find a workplace that values truthfulness and self-discovery. All my skills and dreams just seem to fit perfectly! I want to bring my experience and passion for our environment and planet, as well as my skills in working with people and share them with everyone who wants to join our project.


 My experience related to this project:


  • Master’s degree and Bachelor’s degree in Environmental Conservation, Diploma in Pedagogy (“Babes – Bolyai” University, Cluj-Napoca, Romania)
  • Tutor for students in university field practices (UBB, Cluj-Napoca, Romania)
  • Tutor and guide for creative activities for children  (Opera Comica pentru Copii & “Cantus Mundi” Summer School, Bucharest, Romania)

IOANA ȚURCANU (14) – the youngest, coolest head of PR


My name is Ioana (or Beze, as the ones closest to me like to call me) and I like ducks very much. I have four years of experience as a volunteer in many projects. During this time, I learned that everyone can be a nice person if you have the will to get to know them – and also to communicate with them openly and honestly. I want people to know that dreams do become reality and that ducks are the best example for that, as they always live their dreams. So let’s all be gracious ducks!



My experience related to this project:


  • Volunteer at Opera Comica pentru Copii and the “Cantus Mundi” Summer School (Bucharest, Romania)
  • Singer at “Cor cu dor” choir (Cantus Mundi, Bucharest, Romania)

LUCIA RACOVEANU – CUȘA (27) – guide, soprano


I am here because I would like to share the wonder that, in my opinion, is the absolute gem of the art world – Music! Every day I’m confronted with proof – from my own experience, and others’ – that music is a strong tool which entertains us and at the same time acts as a mood regulator and brain cell stimulator. Lying at the cusp of the worlds of art and pure mathematics, it really is an amazing creation! That is why I hope that this adventure brings something of value, to stick with you your whole life!


My experience related to this project:


  • Bachelor’s degree in Music (“Spiru Haret” University, Bucharest, Romania)
  • Stage director (Opera Comica pentru Copii & Corul National de Camera “Marin Constantin”, Bucharest, Romania)
  • Performance artist in operas and musicals; singer of Romanian folklore (Opera Comica pentru Copii, Bucharest, Romania)

SERGIU MARINESCU (28) – guide, smooth talker


The reason why I adhered to this project is my love for communicating and adapting to others’ needs for a better understanding of our differences. My main contribution would be teaching about diversity (especially LGBTQIA+) and how we can travel smoothly through conversations with different personalities and lifestyles. I believe that in our present society it is important to take care of the vulnerable and to embrace our vulnerabilities, so that love and respect may take over where techniques fail to do so.


 My experience related to this project:


  • Master’s degree in Human Resources and Managerial Communication & Bachelor’s degree in Psychology (National School of Political and Administrative Studies, Bucharest, Romania)
  • Art therapy diploma (RAM info, Bucharest, Romania)
  • Volunteer trainer for people in social need and occupational therapist for people with mental disabilities (Sprawni Inaczej, Poland)
  • Volunteer for psychological counselling for newly HIV infected people and for psychological and informative counselling for people with risky behaviours (Sens Pozitiv, Bucharest, Romania)

CRISTI DOBROGEANU (28) – guide, designer, car enthusiast


So, I like design and cars. I am a massive car enthusiast and this passion brought with it the passion for drawing stuff. In time, it became my second nature and I have developed skills in a few areas of design, like graphic design and product design. If you hear me screaming and see the computer flying out the window, it’s ok, Photoshop just stopped working. Now, here I am, eagerly working on this project with all these beautiful people who had this great idea of giving to others their expertise in so many fields of education.


My experience related to this project:


  • Product designer (“Ion Mincu” University of Architecture and Urban Planning, Bucharest, Romania)
  • Graphic designer (Software Business Partners, Bucharest, Romania)
  • Guide for children during the Christmas fair (Opera Comica pentru Copii, Bucharest, Romania)

IOANA BIDIREL (28) – guide, explorer


Being a teacher comes with a bag of questions, curiosities and, thus, answers and revelations. This project is a place where I can put my abilities to communicate and instill information to a good use, since I can combine it with subjects I have always been passionate about. My role here is to develop an interest in the sky, in the stories people have attributed it and the hard, physical reality of it. The secrets and unexplained phenomena of the universe have been the subject of speculation since the beginning of humanity and through this course I want to make them the object of our attention.


 My experience related to this project:


  • Master’s degree in “American Studies” (“A.I.Cuza” University, Iasi, Romania)
  • Bachelor’s degree in Philology (“A.I.Cuza” University, Iasi, Romania)
  • English teacher for 6 years and going (Iasi, Romania)

IBONE AGUILAR (31) – guide


I find this project amazing as it is focused on such different types of subjects that no one else approaches! I joined because I want to spread my love for free self-expression through words. I have worked with people a lot during the years and I have also been surrounded by children all my life (two of which are my own!). I believe that anyone can learn a new skill if they put their minds to it. So, why not do it now?


 My experience related to this project:


  • English teacher (Kids’n’us, Sant Pere de Ribes, Spain)
  • English teacher (The language school, Essex, United Kingdom)
  • Full time mother of two

ELENA (17) –  dreamer, social media enthusiast


My name is Elena and if I had to name something that defines me, I would tell you about the times when a teacher sends two pupils to get something from another teacher. Everyone knows there are two fundamental roles in this situation: the one who knocks and the one who speaks. Every single time I was the one to speak, sometimes I was even both, but that doesn’t matter. The important part is that every time I was brave enough to face the scary unknown behind that door and I genuinely think that by helping this project become a reality, there will be more people who are brave enough to do anything they want and less kids who just knock and expect someone else to speak for them.


 My experience related to this project:


  • Junior degree ( The National College of Computer Science “Tudor Vianu”, Bucharest, Romania)
  • Alto Singer (“Cor cu Dor” Choir – Cantus Mundi, Bucharest, Romania)
  • Volunteer (Opera Comica pentru Copii, Bucharest, Romania)

Andrei Ludoșan (39) – guide, psychologist

 I am a part of this project because I am passionate about guiding people towards finding out who they are and what truly drives them. I would say that everyone has an inner voice that needs to be expressed. For example, I have been writing stuff since I was a kid and have always managed to use that as a tool for self-exploration. Here and now, my mission is to guide people to be mindful of their feelings and thoughts, to find their passion, but also to express themselves and find the means to do so.


 My experience related to this project:


  • Bachelor’s degree in Psychology (“Titu Maiorescu” University, Bucharest, Romania)

  • Studied Analytical Psychology (“Spiru Haret” University, Bucharest), Ericksonian Psychotherapy (ARHTE, Timișoara) and Integrative Psychotherapy (ACCPI, Bucharest)

  • Trainer of Trainers degree (ITSC, Târgu-Mureș, Romania)

  • Teaching emotions, stress and conflict management to adolescents and adults (Romania)

  • Teaching science, technology, engineering and arts to kids (Bucharest, Romania)

Alexia Manresa (20) – guide, amazing with children


As soon as I heard about Laruxa school, I knew it was a great opportunity for me to gather my qualities to support a project that fosters self-knowledge within a safe and familiar space. Some of my passions are reading, writing, cinema, art… I love culture in general and that’s why currently I’m studying Communication and Cultural Industries at the University of Barcelona. For this reason, I want to contribute my knowledge to help grow this unique and necessary project for today’s children and teenagers, so that they have a space where they feel listened to, valued and integrated. There is nothing more important than knowing and loving yourself, and here we are to accompany you on your journey.


 My experience related to this project:

    • English teacher (Kids`n`Us, Sant Pere de Ribes, Spain)

    • Currently studying Communication and Cultural Industries (University of Barcelona, Spain)

    • TEFL diploma

Daria Alexe (17) – junior creative team, storyteller


Hello everyone, my name is Daria! Probably the best thing that has brought me here is chance: the chance to find so many wonderful people, the chance to take pursuit in my passions and the chance to do good. I often think that we restrain ourselves from action in order to not hurt or lose somebody. I hope that through my actions here I can offer to each and everyone the possibility of creating their own workshop, an inner playground for each one to remember who they are.