Friendship (communication)

available in English and Romanian

The Communication course is an extended group gathering in which we discuss, explore and take part in exercises inspired by the basics of theater, non-violent communication, improvisation and group dynamics.

During one month we learn how to open ourselves and communicate more freely, taking part in a friendly, safe environment for real conversations.

Your guide for the Communication course is Ruxandra 🙂

During this time we practice a series of games and exercises meant to teach us to:

  • warm up physically
  • become aware of our peers and surroundings
  • listen, understand and express ourselves without bias
  • open up and empathize to and with the group
  • identify and describe our emotions and feelings
  • practice spontaneity and creativity
  • communicate non-verbally

The timetable for this workshop is flexible, depending on the preferences of the participants.

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