Nature (The Earth and I)

available in English and Romanian

Welcome to the Natural side of our school!

This workshop is aimed at discussing and discovering more about the natural world that surrounds us, as well as ourselves as a part of the planet and of life.

When we learn about the Earth, we learn about ourselves! Dare to discover the connections and similarities that connect us to Mother Nature.

Your guide for the Nature course is Laura! 🙂

We will focus on and talk about:

  • The interconnections of the surrounding world
  • The Earth and I – how do we connect?
  • How the diversity of the natural world is important to our survival
  • The importance of seeing ourselves as part of this planet and as factors that shape it
  • The similarities between the macrocosmos and the microworld
  • The importance of acceptance and wonder as part of our journey through life.

The timetable for this workshop is flexible, depending on the preferences of the participants.

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