Sound (Music & Vibrations)

available in English and Romanian

Welcome to the vibe!

This is the class where we learn about Sound, Vibrations, Percussion, Voice Tone and much more.

Discover the world of Sound as developed by humans to make music. To the majority of us, music is part of our daily lives; it has a role in elevating or diminishing certain feelings.

This course is meant to introduce you to the tools we use to make music in an exciting, relatable and hands-on manner.

Your guide for this workshop is Lucia! 🙂

The Course aims to develop:

  • Melodic literacy and the courage to sing a song
  • A basic understanding of harmony and why it’s so important
  • The rhythmic sense and the ability to develop a catchy musical sequence
  • A basic understanding of instruments
  • Music as pure mathematics
  • How the use of music can help with regulating moods and be used as a therapeutic tool
  • Pop music – why is it so catchy?

The timetable for this workshop is flexible, depending on the preferences of the participants.

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