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Welcome to the… “master class”. This course is meant to integrate what we’ve been learning and experimenting.

“Debate”, here, is a good name for a proper conversation with participants that have gathered experience whilst participating in our other workshops. This is supposed to be a fun class in which we get to practice and challenge everything that we’ve worked on. Can we communicate and listen at the same time? Can we empathize AND stand up for ourselves? Can we put ourselves in another one’s shoes?

The final end of this course will be a proper debate about subjects familiar to all of us, but not without surprises thrown in the game by the jury and the listeners.

Your guides for this course are RuxandraLauraLucia and Ioana 🙂

coming soon!!

We will focus on and talk about:

  • readjust the cores of Nature, Sound, Galaxy, Philosophy, Ancestry and Friendship workshops and use the information in order to form subjects for a conversation
  • develop teamwork strategies and use spontaneity in communication
  • learn the art of conversation
  • include all points of view in our conversation
  • be objective
  • be understanding and non – judgemental
  • speak for a cause

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