What’s happening?

We, a group of friends and fine people, have been brewing, developing and dreaming together about one common thing that makes our hearts go wild – sharing the passion for communication with others and bringing people together in this journey. Self discovery, taking up challenges and feeling brave both define and motivate us. 

Therefore, here we are, proudly presenting to you our project: school of Ruxa – the place to be ourselves.

We are at the beginning of our journey and we are excited. We deeply care about children, teenagers and grown adults having access to and using what we have discovered to be amazing tools in the process of knowing and understanding ourselves and expressing who we are in this world. 

We have chosen this time of life slowing down and giving us the unexpected situation of being with ourselves more than before because we believe it is the best opportunity to take into light a project that can give a fresh breath of air and, why not, a little bit of fun and lightheartedness that hopefully will create amazing friendships.

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