My first experience with the Friendship course

Dear reader, I can’t wait for you to read about my first experience with LaRuxa school. The first thing I did after I found out from my big sister about this lovely school was to tell my friends about it, so they can sign up. After a short while we all got in the firstContinue reading “My first experience with the Friendship course”

Why does Ruxa need your support

Hello there. This is Ruxandra speaking. I trust that this message finds you well, happy and healthy. This project has just been born, right in the middle of difficult times for all of us. During this pandemic, most of us are probably stuck inside our homes. But what if… we can create and emerge newContinue reading “Why does Ruxa need your support”

What’s happening?

We, a group of friends and fine people, have been brewing, developing and dreaming together about one common thing that makes our hearts go wild – sharing the passion for communication with others and bringing people together in this journey. Self discovery, taking up challenges and feeling brave both define and motivate us.  Therefore, hereContinue reading “What’s happening?”