My first experience with the Friendship course

Dear reader, I can’t wait for you to read about my first experience with LaRuxa school.

The first thing I did after I found out from my big sister about this lovely school was to tell my friends about it, so they can sign up. After a short while we all got in the first group of the Friendship class.

I was welcomed by the most inviting and warm atmosphere;  I can say that I was pretty impressed. The lesson started strong with the loudest roars of laughter.  At about half an hour in the first part of the lesson I can say I was very proud of myself because I managed not to embarrass myself…yet.

I could’ve bet on all the pink in the world that, with my very-limited knowledge in the mysteries of Zoom meetings, I would somehow manage to muck it up, but something happened that I really didn’t expect. Exactly when I thought that everything was going fine and that nobody figured out that I barely know how to mute my microphone, a wave of maximum shame washed over me… I assume that now you are thinking of the most embarrassing scenarios possible that can happen during a zoom class. I can guarantee that I will surprise you with what happened next.

For you to understand the situation better, I will tell you a bit about my friendship with my bigger sister, who is also the one that teaches the Friendship course. She is my best friend, she is the one with whom I laugh my head off  (so much I end up in tears) and, as any good friend, she knows my darkest and shameful secrets.

At one point during the class we started talking about our tastes when it comes to food and somehow we ended up talking about our dear aspic, the only food that, I think, Romania loves and hates at the same time. I can admit that I was shying away from saying that I am a big aspic lover, but this hide-and-seek game didn’t take very long because my sister revealed the best-hidden secret of mine: I like warm aspic. I know, it sounds gross but, you know the saying: there’s no accounting for taste. After this incident my friends started to make jokes – good ones if you ask me – about aspic. Though in the end they accepted me the way I am.

The conclusion of this story is that LaRuxa School accepts you just the way you are, regardless of taste. Even if after this full-of-shame experience I didn’t feel that comfortable, I pluked up the courage and chose to come back to class because I started to trust that group, and in the end we all ended up forming strong connections.

Ioana Turcanu, 15 years old.

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